Hyphen Experiential


Moments that connect. Creativity that cuts through the noise.
Like painting the town yellow for Bumble. Getting commuters to help Farm Africa give hunger the boot. Or capturing students’ attention at freshers’ week for Pepsi.
Whatever you want to achieve, we deliver a complete end-to-end service designed to build genuine connections between audiences and your brand.
Sponsorship activations, gala dinners, experiential roadshows, festival experiences, launch events... the opportunities are endless.



We’re Hyphen, a boutique live events and experiential agency.
Your event or experience is just the beginning. Does it generate authentic social content? How will it feed into your strategy? Will it translate in retail?
We’re thinking about these things from the get-go.
Our creativity is underpinned by strategic insight from Cosine Group – helping us target the right people for you. In the right places. At the right moments in time.



Why Experiential


If you encounter a brand in person, you’re more likely to remember it – 90% more likely, in fact. At Hyphen, we turn these encounters into connections.
One-off events might create a buzz, but real impact takes a full 360° approach. The more ways people engage with your brand – see it, hear it, touch it – the better.
Intrigued? Download our report on ... BRAND RECALL AND THE SENSES


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For an experience that truly connects with people, you need the right partner.
Our team combines bold creativity, agility and deep experiential marketing expertise. No one knows your brand as well as you do, so we work collaboratively with you to create authentic experiences. And because we’re part of the Omnicom Group, we have the backing of a strong network that can make anything happen.



If you’re as curious and excited about great ideas as we are, get in touch.

Drop us a line by saying:

[email protected]

47 Aylesbury Road


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    Boutique experiential agency Bee rebrands as Hyphen

    Boutique live events and experiential agency Bee, part of Omnicom’s Cosine Group, has kicked off 2018 with a complete rebrand – introducing a new name, logo and brand identity.

    Bee is now known as Hyphen. The new name reflects its vibrant, creative proposition – to create connections for brands that cut-through the noise.